Again this year (Sunday 31st May 2020) the proceeds of our Fun Dog Show will go to Paws Animal Sanctuary and Sussex Pet Rescue.

Paws Animal Sanctuary is home to around 100 animals at any one time. Every year they re-home as many as 850 animals. They are full to overflowing with dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. Their latest addition is a micro-pig called Babe. The chickens lay eggs which can be purchased on Sunday afternoons between 12 and 4pm when the Sanctuary is open to the public.

Visit PAWS Animal Sanctuary Website

Sussex Pet Rescue aim to re-home unwanted dogs. Many animals come into their care when there is a bereavement of an owner, marriage breakdown or neglect. Many of these dogs need veterinary care or behavioural rehabilitation. All dogs are placed into foster homes. When animals are in a home environment their needs can be accurately assessed before new homes are found. They are only able to home their dogs within the Sussex, South Surrey and West Kent areas. This is so that they can carry out a home check and follow up visit. It also ensures that they are able to provide post-adoption advice should it be needed.

Pearl’s Story

Pearl arrived in the care of Sussex Pet Rescue when she was 9 years old. No one can imagine the life she had had. Both of her front legs had been broken by her alcoholic owner which left her with chronic arthritis in both legs. She went on to receive all the treatment she needed- steroids, hydrotherapy and even massage. Everyone from Sussex Pet Rescue is committed to ensuring that the dogs referred to their care, receive the attention they need to ensure the happiest and healthiest life possible. Needless to say, this comes at a price. We are glad that we are in the position to be able to help them. We will, with your help, be doing the best we can for them again this year.

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The Findon Valley Residents’ Association is a registered charity and celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2016. Known as the FVRA, it’s run by a team of volunteers keen to protect the interests of the local Valley residents and the surrounding countryside while actively supporting local charities or like-minded people to have social events that encourages and builds on the true community spirit.

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